Month: September 2008

Cloud computing spreads in emerging countries

IBM has opened four cloud computing centers in Sao Paulo, Brazil; Bangalore, India; Seoul, Korea; and Hanoi, Vietnam. With cloud computing, businesses, institutions and consumers remotely access a huge central…

ISA: Zaid Ibrahim sanggup letak jawatan

"Saya sedang berusaha untuk bertemu Perdana Menteri (Abdullah Ahmad Badawi) minggu ini untuk menyatakan pendirian saya itu kepada beliau. "Jika (beliau menganggap) pendirian saya itu tidak dapat dipertahankan, saya akan…

Ubuntu to work more with larger Linux community

Almost since the beginning, Ubuntu critics have said that Ubuntu doesn’t give enough back to other Linux and open-source projects. Mark Shuttleworth says that’s about to change and he’s putting…

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