IBM has opened four cloud computing centers in Sao Paulo, Brazil; Bangalore, India; Seoul, Korea; and Hanoi, Vietnam. With cloud computing, businesses, institutions and consumers remotely access a huge central computing resource. The computing power can be tapped as it’s needed, reducing costs and energy use.

“Cloud computing is emerging as a fundamental change in how IT is managed and delivered,” said Dr. Willy Chiu, vice president of IBM High Performance On Demand Solutions. “It is a powerful tool for efficient operations, especially in growth economies.”

In Vietnam, universities, government ministries and telecommunication companies are using the cloud service. The center in Korea has attracted such industries as banking, telecommunications, government, education, and information technology hosting services. And in India, clients include universities, telecommunications companies and government bodies. Cloud clients in Brazil will use that center to generate business such as massive scale collaboration programs.

IBM now has 13 cloud computing centers, the world’s largest network of expertise on cloud computing. The company has dedicated more than 200 full-time researchers and has announced $100 million investment in cloud computing.

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