Lund, Sweden – September 24, 2008 – Today marked the launch of Sony Ericsson’s environmental warranty, and the concept of Sony Ericsson GreenHeart™ phones, just two initiatives the company is taking to further its commitment to a sustainable future and continually reducing its impact on the environment.

Environmental warranty

The launch of Sony Ericsson’s environmental warranty means that now, when any Sony Ericsson product is taken to a designated collection point, Sony Ericsson will recycle this product in an environmentally sound way. This warranty is valid globally, regardless of where the product was originally purchased, as Sony Ericsson strives to show its support for ‘individual producer responsibility’ (IPR).

Sony Ericsson has long-since participated in and supported the development of common industry systems that relate to the collection and recycling of old mobile phones and accessories. Launching its own collection points and system means that Sony Ericsson will be able to further strengthen its commitment to taking responsibility for the products it sold to consumers.

This new initiative has now been initiated in India, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Singapore USA and Mexico. To date, more than 500 collection points are already in operation. Sony Ericsson intends to complete this rollout by 2009 in all the countries in which it operates. The company’s solely-owned collection points will be primarily made available in those countries where the current industry-standard system of phone recycling have been judged to be too limited.


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