Mila Kunis in Max Payne

Mila Kunis is soon to appear as a deadly assassin in Fox’s upcoming movie “Max Payne”. The movie is supposed to be released later this year (2008) where her character will play a role opposite of Mark Wahlberg’s character Max Payne. The film adaptation of a Rockstar videogame is going to be directed by John Moore.

The role of an assassin does not necessarily seem fitting for such a beautiful woman such a Mila Kunis. Many know her from her role as Jackie Burkhart on the Fox Sitcom “That ’70s Show” or her voice acting for Meg Griffin on the hilarious cartoon series “Family Guy”. Regardless of her good girl looks and teenager roles Mila Kunis is going to have to put on her game face to convince people that she’s anything more than beautiful, let alone deadly.

Lately Mila Kunis’ acting career has been shooting off in great directions. After appearances in “Moving McAllister”, “Get over It”, and “American Psycho II” she is starting to move into much stronger roles. Lately she’s had commanding parts in films such as “Boot Camp” and “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”.

Soon to appear in “Max Payne” Mila Kunis is going to dazzle fans when she transforms her gorgeous self into a life-taking assassin. It has been questioned whether she has what it takes to pull it off however the only way to find that out is to watch the flick for yourself. Is Mila Kunis simply an innocent beautiful woman or a deadly assassin? Perhaps both? You Decide.

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