Install OpenLiteSpeed and WordPress in single command line

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Install OpenLiteSpeed and WordPress in single command line

In this guide, I will show how to install OpenLiteSpeed under Centos 7. Basically the step is similar if you use Centos, Ubuntu or Debian.
More info can be obtain via URL here :
The command I use to install are below;

[root@web ~]# bash -r SampleFpbkFkb -a SampleFpbkFkb –lsphp 70 -w –wordpresspath /usr/local/lsws/themes –dbname themes –dbuser themes –dbpassword SampleFpbkFkb

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Tips meningkatkan page view dan menjadikan peluang cerah iklan adsense di klik
[ 21 Jan 2019 | 3 Comments | 4,882 supporters ]

1. Cari jalan supaya pelawat kekal malayari laman web. Buat supaya laman menjadi menarik
seperti letakkan komik dsb.
2. Filter iklan murah daripada website anda dengan menggunakn adsense filter.
3. Hantar URL anda ke enjin carian untuk crawling.
4. Hasilkan sitemaps untuk google dan yahoo. Ianya sangat membantu.
5. Tulis dan hantar artikel-artikel anda ke laman web article-submission. Letakkan rumusan
pendek dan linkkan kembali ke website anda.
6. Sebarkan website anda. Letak sebagai signature dalam forum2 yang anda sertai. Buat
autoresponder dan letakkan link website anda. Berikan komen2 bernas di blog dsb.
7. Sertai,,, blogcatalog dsb. Ia …

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[ 20 Jan 2019 | No Comment | 494 supporters ]

What is Linux?
Simply put, Linux is a computer operating system like the Mac OS X or Microsoft Windows. The difference is that Linux is open source; anyone can view, modify, and redistribute the underlying code. Further, while OS X is designed to run only on Apple hardware, and while Windows runs primarily on x86 processors from Intel and AMD, there are many distributions or flavors of Linux, compiled to run on a wide array of hardware, everything from high-end corporate servers and mainframes, to home PC’s, to cell phones.
Linux began …

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Counterattacking wordpress web server and weaknesses
[ 19 Jan 2019 | No Comment | 909 supporters ]

WordPress is an open source system blogging the most commonly used and full content management system cPanel users. Although it started as a blogging system, it continues to evolve to what you can use it for the present. Complete content management system that allows you to select and install any of the thousands of existing plugins, themes and widgets.
One thing to keep in mind it is very similar to all modern software packages, WordPress will continue to receive update in order to deal with the security issues that arise in …

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Bash script to backup and restore MySQL, InnoDB database for Cpanel server
[ 18 Jan 2019 | No Comment | 1,840 supporters ]

If you want to dump a few database the command ‘mysqldump’ is sufficient. How about the server that have several hundred databases inside. It is easier if we create Shell scripts to do the task. There are 2 version of scripts I normally use. One is to backup whole MySQL database, the other is to backup InnoDB database only.
The databases will be dumped in the folder that we created first and dumped as *.sql.

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Enable EasyApache 3 for new Cpanel
[ 17 Jan 2019 | No Comment | 1,120 supporters ]

This note is for myself since my server still rely on EasyApache 3. On the new Cpanel WHM58 and WHM60 EasyApache 4 is a default software use to compile Apache,Php and others required component in the server.
EasyApache 3 is scheduled for deprecation in January of 2018, when cPanel & WHM version 62 reaches End of Life. After that time, EasyApache 3 will no longer receive any updates

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