Install OpenLiteSpeed and WordPress in single command line

[ 28 Mar 2018 | No Comment | 172 supporters ]
Install OpenLiteSpeed and WordPress in single command line

In this guide, I will show how to install OpenLiteSpeed under Centos 7. Basically the step is similar if you use Centos, Ubuntu or Debian.
More info can be obtain via URL here :
The command I use to install are below;

[root@web ~]# bash -r SampleFpbkFkb -a SampleFpbkFkb –lsphp 70 -w –wordpresspath /usr/local/lsws/themes –dbname themes –dbuser themes –dbpassword SampleFpbkFkb

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Silly me
[ 21 Jul 2018 | No Comment | 495 supporters ]

One of the server have problem with MySQL. The MySQL table cannot edit at all. Restart the MySQL does not resolve the issue.

It turn out that the problem come from tmp folder.

So stop the MySQL first.

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Cpanel server infected with mining software
[ 20 Jul 2018 | 2 Comments | 604 supporters ]

Recently one of server under my control infected with mining software. It cause unnecessary load and waste of server resource.
Since the server is using Cpanel, I must use WHM to track down the source. I check WHM ‘Process Manager’ and ‘Daily process log’ and found something similar like :
impxxxx 98.5 -bash -a cryptonight -o stratum+tcp://xx.xx.xx.xx:14444 -u

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Clussterssh cannot connect
[ 19 Jul 2018 | No Comment | 602 supporters ]

When using clusterssh sometime cannot connect to cssh due to recent upgrade.

gatekeeper@localhost:~> cssh
Connection to server failed — (version 11.0)
No protocol specified
at /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.26.1/App/ line 1983.
gatekeeper@localhost:~> echo $DISPLAY

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How to start Bitcoin mining
[ 18 Jul 2018 | No Comment | 731 supporters ]

There are a few steps to start mining Bitcoin and make profit. You must have both hardware,software and bitcoin wallet to start mining Bitcoin.
Bitcoin is becoming a phenomena because of the current price for 1XBT is USD2664. You can liquefy the Bitcoin into real money if you afraid it is a scam.
The hardware needed to mine Bitcoin is a Graphic card. At least not a built in Graphic card because most of the built in is not as powerful as GPU that use PCIE. You can assign CPU as miner/worker …

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Tips meningkatkan page view dan menjadikan peluang cerah iklan adsense di klik
[ 17 Jul 2018 | 3 Comments | 4,531 supporters ]

1. Cari jalan supaya pelawat kekal malayari laman web. Buat supaya laman menjadi menarik
seperti letakkan komik dsb.
2. Filter iklan murah daripada website anda dengan menggunakn adsense filter.
3. Hantar URL anda ke enjin carian untuk crawling.
4. Hasilkan sitemaps untuk google dan yahoo. Ianya sangat membantu.
5. Tulis dan hantar artikel-artikel anda ke laman web article-submission. Letakkan rumusan
pendek dan linkkan kembali ke website anda.
6. Sebarkan website anda. Letak sebagai signature dalam forum2 yang anda sertai. Buat
autoresponder dan letakkan link website anda. Berikan komen2 bernas di blog dsb.
7. Sertai,,, blogcatalog dsb. Ia …

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