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[20 Jan 2019 | No Comment | 494 supporters]

What is Linux?
Simply put, Linux is a computer operating system like the Mac OS X or Microsoft Windows. The difference is that Linux is open source; anyone can view, modify, and redistribute the underlying code. Further, while OS X is designed to run only on Apple hardware, and while Windows runs primarily on x86 processors from Intel and AMD, there are many distributions or flavors of Linux, compiled to run on a wide array of hardware, everything from high-end corporate servers and mainframes, to home PC’s, to cell phones.
Linux began …

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[11 Jan 2019 | No Comment | 205 supporters]
Server overload because of Softaculous

Recently there are few of our server overloaded because of Softaculous.
Not sure what trigger the overload but reinstall the software seem managed to solve the issue.
We have install our server with process monitoring script. When ever there are many process running exceeded define volume the notification will be sent to our report email.