I used to buy a new phone after my contract expired to get the latest phone or when I had no choice and broke my phone. To be honest, I became real angry when ever my phone provider would give a better deal on a phone to a brand new customer than to a customer who had been with them for ten years. Boy, I must have had “sucker” written on my forehead since they didn’t care one bit if I went to another provider. I did shop some new plans and was surprised my dated contract was actually a pretty good deal. So I decided to try something new and save some money by buying used.

My first used mobile phone was a RAZR and I loved it! However, when I dropped it several times, the side pins broke. It probably could have been repaired cheaply, but I did not pursue that route. Afterward, I was told a cover or jacket would have offered some protection to the side pins and extend its life. Oh well life goes on right?

I did get yet another phone for a quarter of the price that I would have paid for a new one. Plus I would not have to listen to the sales pitch again why I needed a new plan when I didn’t. You see the salesman gets paid a commission to sell you a new plan each time you get a new phone.

I am very happer with buying a used mobile phone. I highly recommend it and I think you will find that you will be much happier.

Also with your old phone you can help the planet by not placing it in the next garbage pickup. There are many sites on the web that will accept your used phone, and some provide a donation receipt for taxes. Also, check with your local school since many collect used electronics, toner cartridges, and digital cameras for fundraisers. Be green!

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