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SCRIPT, a part of IBM’s Document Composition Facility or DCF, is a text markup language for IBM z/VM and z/OS systems. SCRIPT was developed for CP-67/CMS by Stuart Madnick at MIT, succeeding CTSS RUNOFF. The current version is called SCRIPT/VS.
SCRIPT is a procedural markup language. Inline commands called control words, indicated by a period in the first column of a logical line, describe the desired appearance of the formatted text.
IBM’s Generalized Markup Language (GML) is a macro language encapsulating a set of SCRIPT commands. GML is a descriptive markup layer describing the logical structure of a document. Both SCRIPT/VS and GML are part of IBM’s Document Composition Facility (DCF), used in the System/370 platform and successors. The tag sets of the BookMaster and BookManager BUILD/MVS products are built on a foundation of GML.
The Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) is a descendant of GML. While DCF does not directly handle SGML, there is an SGML translator available…

TCP: Treason uncloaked!

I’m bit paranoid when server down due to high load on server. Normally it is because of script and sometimes…

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