By: Jeremy MacDonald

Sony is arguably the technological leader in electronic consumption of the masses in the United States. I mean someone actually got killed over a Sony Playstation 3. Someone lost their life over a video game console. How low can someone’s morals and values be to be able to commit such a terrible act of violence over a video game system? Of course it’s not Sony’s fault, but it raises questions. Just how big of an influence do they have over us? Are Sony’s products really that good, to be able to murder for them? k790

Let’s take the Sony Ericsson K790 cell phone for example. Has anyone committed homicide to get one of these phones that the public knows about? I think this calls for a closer look to see if such a thing could ever happen. At first glance, the K790 has more features than a movie theatre. Cell phone lovers fell hard when this baby hit the market. Let’s go over some of the features and specifications to see why, and then the pricing, shall we?

Ok, so you say you’re a busy-body, yes I know, aren’t we all? We simply don’t have enough time and energy, or arms for that matter, to be carrying around all our necessary electronics we can’t seem to live without, can we? In today’s information age, our communication needs can be met in a “total package” no bigger than a bite size candy bar. Introducing the Sony Ericsson K790, a high-speed, low-drag, Teflon-coated digital life transformation (ok, maybe not Teflon coated). This phone has a mega pixel digital camera that takes high resolution images with storing capacity to spare, and access for anyone to picture blog photos to friends and family with ease. Read the latest news updates minutes after publishing by subscribing to RSS feeds. Real time video feeds are at the user’s fingertips via video streaming accessibility. Oh, did I mention the Bluetooth wireless technology that allows talking to one another ranging up to many meters. Also, get instant access to your email or surf the Internet in route to your next appointment. Heck, there’s even a function called flight mode that let’s the user use functions of the K790 on planes and in hospitals so it doesn’t interrupt radio transmissions.[youtube]XWWmxYgCorU[/youtube]

I know what you must be thinking, the Sony Ericsson K790 phone sounds like it’s the size of a brick. Nope. It’s only 4.1 x 1.9 x .9 inches. Translation? You can slide it under a door. Good to know if you are ever in a tangle with MacGyver. At 4.1 ounces, this mobile phone is light as a feather. The pixels of the screen measure 240×320. The memory holds up to 2 GB, and the phone memory holds up to 64 MB. If you can fill all your 64 MB of phone memory, I’ll give you props. So how does this mobile phone perform, you say? Depending on your mobile network and phone usage, it offers a generous 7 hours of talk time and 350 hours of standby time. This stylish cell phone comes in two sexy colors, allure brown and velvet black.

The Sony Ericsson K790 sounds like a miniature, hand-held electronic store, doesn’t it? It has everything anyone would ever need as far as audio and visual communications are concerned, with ample memory to play. So what does a sleek, powerful, and innovative mobile phone like this cost? This version of mobile phone runs for $399.99 ( Hey, for features and specifications like these, you can bet you will get what you pay for.

The Sony Ericsson K790 is one heck of a sweet phone. But is it worth killing for? God, let’s hope not.

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