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What is Linux?
Simply put, Linux is a computer operating system like the Mac OS X or Microsoft Windows. The difference is that Linux is open source; anyone can view, modify, and redistribute the underlying code. Further, while OS X is designed to run only on Apple hardware, and while Windows runs primarily on x86 processors from Intel and AMD, there are many distributions or flavors of Linux, compiled to run on a wide array of hardware, everything from high-end corporate servers and mainframes, to home PC’s, to cell phones.
Linux began …

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Counterattacking wordpress web server and weaknesses
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WordPress is an open source system blogging the most commonly used and full content management system cPanel users. Although it started as a blogging system, it continues to evolve to what you can use it for the present. Complete content management system that allows you to select and install any of the thousands of existing plugins, themes and widgets.
One thing to keep in mind it is very similar to all modern software packages, WordPress will continue to receive update in order to deal with the security issues that arise in …

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How to Build Your Own Linux personalized distribution
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The initial distro that will be built will focus on intermediates / advance users as this distro will focus on servers and administrators.

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Samsung Launches Galaxy C9 Pro
[ 17 Jan 2017 | One Comment | 598 supporters ]

Samsung India on Tuesday launched the Galaxy C9 Pro, its all-new smartphone that comes loaded with 6GB RAM, 16MP front and back camera and 6” FHD sAMOLED display. The Galaxy C9 Pro sports all metal unibody and is designed for consumers who demand more from their smartphone.
Latest consumer trends were factored in to design the Galaxy C9 Pro. According to domestic trends, more users prefer larger screen smartphones.

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NVIDIA SHIELD TV available now
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After official launch 2 week ago, NVIDIA SHIELD TV now available for purchase. The price for 16GB model set to $199.99 with controller and remote. NVIDIA also sell separate controller and remote each for $59.99 and $49.99, also the vertical stand sell at $19.99.
Sporting a sleek, new design and now shipping with both a remote and a game controller, SHIELD provides the best, most complete entertainment experience in the living room.

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