The only purpose for me to install the program is to install Clusterssh in Windows to manage multiple ssh session at one time.

In this simple guide, I assume that Xming server have been installed and running.

For those who don’t know what is Xming server, please refer Xming project website.

It actually X server implementation for Windows.

First thing we need to do is install ‘Windows Subsystem for Linux’. This program allows us to Install Linux OS on top of Windows. After install, we need to reboot the PC.

After reboot, head up to Microsoft Store and install the Linux OS. At this time of writing I can see Kali Linux, Debian, SuSE Linux Enterprise Server, OpenSuSE and Ubuntu. I have test OpenSUSE and Debian for Clusterssh deployment. After that you need to create user for the server and to make thing easy just set root password same as user password.

Basically if you familiar with Linux distribution you may need to add certain repo to the server. And certain distribution, no need to add repo.

Debian and Ubuntu using same command to install which is ‘apt-get install clusterssh’ while SuSE using ‘zypper in clusterssh’

You must also install basic X server in the Linux server that you have created.

Make sure setting below applied inside /etc/ssh/sshd/config

DESKTOP-BILT70P:/home/hostmaster # grep X /etc/ssh/sshd_config
X11Forwarding yes
X11DisplayOffset 10

Fire up ClusterSSH by typing ‘cssh’ and if everything goes well you can see a popup for command and new configuration fill be created under home folder.

Created new configuration file within $HOME/.clusterssh/

If you encounter an error just go to this link.