The development of Edifier S530D take almost 2 years, all components have undergone fine tunings from the sound study, electronics, environment, magnetic force, environmental, safety functions and testing. The aim is to produce delicate and monumental prototype for the satisfaction of customers. This is the first supers series audio set of Edifier, and also the first model to use more than 100W. Its design can be considered a gigantic and powerful system with good bass. It will lock in the die hard fan for the range of products.

Maintain classical feel in the box design, seeking elegance in the outer appearance. Fine workmanship with quality paint coating. The box size are specially design the meet the optimum output quality in accordance with sound study to reduce poor sound quality. The current 2.1 series have many shortcomings, but the S2.1 can provide the solutions to the current 2.1 model. The development took 2 years; the sound quality is close high quality 2.0 system

S2.1 emphasizes not only on sound quality but also on the feelings of customers. It is the first time digital remote is use, it is free from errors found in the traditional digital remote system, you will find fun using this. All control device are clearly identified, it provides various combination of music, sounds, bass, treble, centre, fade control, it even supports head phone device. The control device can be single handedly managed.

The new Edifier S530D is Voice by Phil Jones.


Power output : RMS 35W x 2 + 70W (THD=10%)
Signal to noise ratio :  85dBA
Input sensitivity : PC: L/R: 600mV +/- 30mV
SW: 200mV +/- 30mV
CD: L/R: 720mV +/- 30mV
SW: 330mV +/- 30mV
Frequency response : L/R: 158Hz ~ 20kHz SW: 20Hz ~ 130Hz

Luxurious 2.1 speaker system with 8 inch subwoofer
Wooden MDF housing for all speakers
Magnetically shielded drivers for all speakers
Switchable dual input ports for audio source with dierent output power
Multifunctional wired controller with 2.5 inch LCD display (dimmer included)
Headphone output on wired remote controller
Master volume controls both speaker output and headphone output
Volume booster for extra power output
Separate bass and treble adjustments
Multifunctional wireless remote controller included
Coaxial and optical inputs

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