The LG Viewty is truly a digital wonder from the world renowned LG Electronics. Its commitment towards making life truly beautiful is seen in the series of dedicated LG hand phones, mobile phones, electronics and support gadgets that are marketed world wide.

The LG Viewty, although it sounds more like a digitally enhanced photo frame, is actually LG’s latest camera phone. This wonder comes complete with features such as an impressive 5 mega pixel auto focus camera and state of the art xenon flash technology. The LG Viewty is not only about the camera features, it has made a bold style statement with its lovely large touch screen feature that enables the user to view quality images at mere touch.

The LG Viewty also boasts the special ability to upload videos directly to YouTube. It also enables the user to shoot videos literally at 120 frames per second! The feature enhancement is furthered with the special LG ability to slow down and watch the video in slow-motion. The video coverage feature of the dedicated LG Viewty is ideal for shooting sports footage, which is known to be fast moving.

There are a number of cameras with excellent support gadgets that enhance the in built features of the models, but he LG Viewty not only enables you to access the very latest technology, but is a true beauty in appearance also. In fact, it would not be wrong to claim that it is one of the best looking camera phones produced so far. Keeping the dedicated line of LG electronics, hand phones, mobile phones and support gadgets in mind, the LG Viewty is a power enhancer and the understated design not only feels functional, but also extends a certain class, with its light, non-plastic look and the appearance of a high-end handset.

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