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[23 Oct 2019 | No Comment | 137 supporters]
Restore database from *.frm for corrupted database

Recently on of my client have problem with the database corruption in Cpanel. The website trowing error related with database. We check our daily MySQL backup and found there is no data in the client MySQL database. To make thing worst our weekly and monthly backup also doesn’t have the database. According to client the last access to the website is in March.

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[6 Sep 2019 | No Comment | 453 supporters]
Remove Billing And Support Integration CPanel

Sometime for some reason we may need to remove billing and support integration in Cpanel. The purpose of the integration is to easily manage billing and support from CPanel particularly for provider who is using WHMCS as a hosting billing software.

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[13 Mar 2019 | No Comment | 773 supporters]
Softaculous causing server overload

Recently there are few of our server overloaded because of Softaculous.
Not sure what trigger the overload but reinstall the software seem managed to solve the issue.
We have install our server with process monitoring script. When ever there are many process running exceeded define volume the notification will be sent to our report email.