Choosing gifts for your valentine can be a so tough job as it is not always easy to find a gift that is romantic, unique and really conveys the depth of your love. Currently, there are a variety of gifts for your valentine available in the market, usually you need spend the time to browse many online shops to choose the best gifts for your valentine. But what’s the best idea gifts for your valentine?

The answer is Photo Crystal. Always peoples like to use crystal as the symbol of romantic love to their valentine. If advanced technology fuses your photographic images to crystal creating an extraordinary one of a kind gift for your valentine, then the crystal becomes more beautiful with memorial value gifts – Photo Crystal. It can convey your love and best wish to them.

Photo Crystal is a vogue, generous and unique gifts in which are 100% genuine crystal and feature 360 degrees of sparkling transparency. So it is the best idea gifts for your valentine.

In order to make the best effect, I suggest below:

1) To select the background of your photos isn’t more light color such as white possibly. Because it will becomes transparency for light color special of white in the crystal;

2) To use colorful photo if possible;

3) Photo image should be over 300 d.p.i.;

4) The size of photo should not be over 4 Mb.

5) Using of soft cloth to clean the photo crystal, don’t use any tissue or paper;

6) To avoid any sunlight irradiation on the photo crystal.

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