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  • What is application conferencing?If you have Citrix installed, it will allow you he ability to interactively work in real time with peers on any published application.

    Teams are able to work simultaneously within an application seeing each others edits and modifications.

    Participants are able to collaborate independently of where they are located – so long as they have access to the published MetaFrame Conferencing Manager client.

  • How do I create an instant conference?You may create an instant conference by clicking on the Start Conference icon.

    Follow the wizard and begin collaborating with your peers in just a few clicks.

  • How do I start a scheduled conference?You may start a conference by double clicking the conference from the list or by selecting the conference from the list and then clicking on the start icon located on the left.
  • What applications are available in a conference?All MetaFrame XP published applications in the farm may be included in a conference.
  • How do I add additional applications to an active conference?While in full screen mode, just click the application list in the auto hide toolbar located at the top of the screen.

    The application list will show all available applications to the conference.

    Double clicking an application in the list will launch that application within the conference.

    In the windowed view, the tabs located to the left contain the application list.

    Double clicking an application in this list will launch that application within the conference.

  • Can I add additional applications when starting a conference?When starting a conference you can select the initial application to be launched.

    Once in the conference you can then add additional applications as needed.

  • How do I prevent others from joining a conference while I do preparation work?Select Attendee List Only option when creating the conference but leave the list empty.

    The conference will then only allow the host to participate.

    Once the conference preparation work is complete, the host then adds you to the conference and they will then be able see the conference in the list and join.

  • When I click the whiteboard button, a whiteboard does not launch?The whiteboard tool requires that Microsoft Paint be installed on the conference servers.

    Verify that mspaint.exe is available installed.

  • How do I set my default for conference start up to always be full screen?From the MetaFrame Conferencing client interface, select Tools from the menu bar and the Options.

    From there you may define when full screen is used; Always, Never etc.

  • How do I enable or disable full screen dialog transparency?From the MetaFrame Conferencing client interface, select Tools from the menu bar and the Options.

    From there you may define whether dialog transparency is on or off.

  • How do I schedule a conference?Scheduled conferences are managed through your Microsoft Outlook calendar.
  • How do I schedule a conference without Microsoft Outlook integration?Only instant conferences will be available without Microsoft Outlook integration.

    MetaFrame Conferencing Manager leverages the Outlook calendar for the central management of all your conferences and meetings.

  • Is Microsoft Outlook integration required?Microsoft Outlook integration provides the ability to you to schedule conferences ahead of time.

    There is no requirement for Microsoft Outlook and choosing not to utilize it will not impact the ability or functionality of instant conferences.

  • What is the custom form for scheduling conferences?Citrix has provided the option for a custom form to be used when scheduling conferences.

    By using the custom form, an additional setting that defines who besides the organizer may start a conference is available.

  • How do I access the custom form?The custom form may be accessed in two ways.

    First you may find a button on your Outlook menu bar.

    By clicking this, the custom form will open and you can schedule your conference just as you would a normal Outlook meeting.

    It may also be accessed by selecting from the menu bar File, New, Choose Form and then select the form from the list.

  • What is the difference between using the standard form verses custom form?The custom form may be optionally used instead of the standard Outlook appointment meeting form.

    By using the custom form, an additional setting that defines who besides the organizer may start a conference is available.

    Using the standard appointment meeting form in Outlook will still allow the ability to start it as a MetaFrame Conferencing Manager meeting.

  • How do I prevent others from starting my scheduled conferences?By using the custom form, an additional setting that defines which you may start a conference besides the organizer is available.
  • Is using the custom Outlook form to schedule a conference required?No. The custom form is provided to enable the ability to restrict who may start a conference other than the organizer.

    Scheduling a meeting through the standard appointment form will not prevent the organizer or other invitees, from being able to start that meeting as a conference within MetaFrame conferencing Manager.

  • Why does Microsoft Outlook need to be installed on the same server as the MetaFrame Conferencing Manager client?When the MetaFrame Conferencing Manager client launches, it will query your calendar through Microsoft Outlook.

    A defined Outlook profile needs to exist under the same credentials as those launching the client component.

    If these requirements are met, the calendar entries in that Persons Outlook will be reflected within the conference list in the client.

  • Do I have to use Microsoft Outlook on a published server?While Microsoft Outlook must be on the same server as the MetaFrame Conferencing Manager client is published, it does not need to be published or accessed from the server.

    You may schedule and coordinate meetings with Microsoft Outlook as they currently do.

    If you want access to the custom form, it will be available through the organizational forms library or by clicking the custom Outlook menu button. See under How do I access the custom form?.

    The add in menu button must be installed properly in order for the form to work i.e. using a local copy of Microsoft Outlook requires the add in to be installed for the hot button to work

  • What if my Outlook calendar meetings are not showing up in the conference list?First verify that there are meetings in your calendar for that day.

    Also verify that Microsoft Outlook is installed and configured with your profile on the same server as the client is published. Will require verification from your MetaFrame administrator.

    Finally, ensure that you are launching the client with the same credentials as your Outlook profile uses. Again, may require verification from your administrator.

  • When launching MetaFrame Conferencing Manager, I am receiving a security dialog from Outlook?This is potentially a result of an incomplete installation and configuration of the Outlook custom form.

    For Outlook version 2000 SP2 and later, Microsoft added a security feature to protect against scripted viruses.

    This security feature will protect you against malicious scripts.

    When adding a scripted form or add in, part of the process is to register that component with Outlook to let it know it is not a virus.

    Unless this step is taken, Outlook will continue to notify you that the script add in is potentially harmful.

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