The emergence of thin-and-light laptops has allowed both globe-trotting executives and campus-strolling students to have a handy computer companion by their side at all times. These extremely portable devices provide people with the ability to pullout their notebooks whenever they need to answer an important email during a long haul flight or are stricken with a dose of inspiration for a term paper while wandering across the campus. The construction of thin-and-light laptops do not only make them easy to bring wherever one may go, but they also require minimal operation space which means that they can be used pretty much at any time and any place.

Moreover, portability is not the only notable feature of these breed of notebook computers; they are also known for delivering high performance as well as providing a whole lot of style. With such wonderful accolades, one should expect that these thin-and-light laptops definitely don’t come for cheap. Here are some of the most impressive ones that provide the most bang for every buck.

MacBook Pro by Apple

Apple’s latest MacBook Pro will come equipped with a 2.26GHz Core 2 Duo processor, 2GB of RAM (DDR3 SDRAM), an Nvidia GeForce graphics card (9400M), 160GB of hard disk space, and a 13-inch screen. This is an upgraded version of the famed MacBook and the addition of the word “Pro” is brought about by the incorporation of new features as well as a lowered base price. The MacBook Pro’s unibody construction and its sizable multi-touch trackpad is an excellent combination of style and substance.

One can get his hands on this particular MacBook Pro for around $1,200.

X340 (black) by MSI

The X340’s ultra thin design provides the same glossy look of the likes of the Dell Adamo or even the MacBook Air. However, consumers will be more than glad to know that they can achieve the same style brought about by these esteemed laptops for around half the price. With a standard 13-inch screen, the MSI X340 is one of the cheapest slim-and-thin laptops in this particular category. This however, does not necessarily mean that the features and functions are compromised. The X340 will be sporting the newest processor from Intel in the form of the much awaited ULV (1.4 GHz; Core 2 Solo), which will be running alongside a reputable 2GB of DDR2 RAM.

Pavilion dv3510nr by HP

With a 2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor and a 3GB DDR2 RAM on board, the Pavilion dv3510nr is HP and Best Buy’s successful team-up resulting in the store’s first laptop with a Blue Label accolade. This honor was not given to the Pavilion dv3510nr for nothing as it is equipped with some of the most advanced notebook features available in the market today. This includes eSATA and HDMI ports, a fingerprint reader, a backlit keyboard, a remote control, as well as a Centrino 2 platform. Although it has a compact design, there is still ample room for a sizable keyboard and a long-lasting battery.

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