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[14 Oct 2009 | No Comment | 897 supporters]
Nokia Booklet 3G

Nokia Booklet 3G
Dreaming of bringing monbility to the PC world? Nokia have introduce Booklet 3G, which is a 10 inch netbook with Atom processor.
The battery life can hold up until 12 hours of course depend on usage and power setting.
The is a bunch of connectivity you can choose either from 3G, HSDPA and WiFi.
User can also use other technology same as normal PC furthermore user can also use service for Nokia user like Nokia Ovi.
The Booklet also support hdtv using HDMI port, the front camera can be use as video …

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[7 Nov 2008 | No Comment | 777 supporters]

Are you frustrating with Vista security measures that always annoy you with UAC popup? Did you feel you want trow away your PC when it do that even though you are an Administrator? Calm down. Frust no more. Just follow this steps.
Using msconfig.
1. At vista run menu, type “msconfig”
2. At the tools tab, scroll down until you find “Disable UAC”
3. Click on it and press launch.
4. A popup will appear wait untill it finished.
5. Reboot the pc.

Using Control panel.
1. Open User Accounts at control panel.
2. Click “Turn User Account Control …

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[1 Jul 2008 | No Comment | 722 supporters]

Traditional Open-Xchange Offering Now Packs Same User Interface and Architecture as Popular Hosted Edition
TARRYTOWN, N.Y., July 1, 2008 – Open-Xchange Inc., the leading provider of open source groupware, today announced a preview to the new version of Open-Xchange Server Edition, which facilitates effective teamwork and enables document sharing anywhere, anytime, with any device.

Open-Xchange offers email, calendar, contacts, tasks and document sharing to provide companies with all the tools needed to facilitate communication and efficient teamwork. Customers can improve communication and teamwork with simple, intuitive tools and intelligent features, such as …