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TaG stands for Touch and Go, one of the fastest growing classes in European kart racing.
Popular engines include the Rotax Max, the Vortex Rok and the Parilla Leopard.
In November 2004 the FIA announced that the new generation of engines used in the top classes, such as Formula A, would be TaG based in order to reduce costs. Regulations have been published and the engines have come into use in 2007. The new categories are KF1, KF2, KF3 and KF4, each category using the same 125 cc engine block with different technical specifications (mufflers, air boxes, carburetor, rev limit, etc…).

Seven more processors from Intel

The latest addition from Intel featuring Core i5-2550K, i5-2450P and i5-2380P for mainstream market also Celeron B815, B720, 867 and 797 for mobile PC. The Core i5-2550K should cost no…

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