Point and shoot is a term used to describe those compact digital cameras designed for simple automatic operation. Usually, a single press of a button is enough to take a photo. These compact digital cameras are the best selling kind, because they are also often made cheap.

New models of digital point and shoot cameras come out quite often and as the price of components comes down, you can get more and better features for the same price. Here are some 2008 models that fit the definition of point and shoot, while being especially budget friendly.

Kodak EasyShare M753 Zoom

This Kodak camera is a true entry level camera that does not boast with complex features. It has an automatic mode that should take care of lighting conditions and of course an automatic focus. It has a 7 megapixel resolution and high enough image quality for web use and small prints.

Price tag: approximately $130

Canon PowerShot A470


PowerShot is the beginner level digital camera series by Canon. It is very easy to use and affordable, even for the budget conscious. A470 has highly developed automation, including motion detection and face detection technologies. These coupled with a 7.1 megapixel resolution make it a good choice for casual photographers.

Price tag: approximately $160

Nikon CoolPix S550

CoolPix is the Nikon series of point and shoot compact cameras. S550 is one of the best 2008 models for a casual user, offering 10 megapixels of resolution and high quality automation of adjusting to conditions. Add in a 5X optical zoom and you are ready for some photography.

Price tag: approximately $230

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS20

Panasonic’s Lumix DMC-FS series is aimed at beginner level users. The FS20 model makes point and shoot automatic using an Intelligent Auto Mode, which includes detection systems for motion and ambient conditions – among others. The resolution of over 10 megapixels is more than enough for most users.

Price tag: approximately $300

The four compact cameras above show some of the things year 2008 has to offer for casual photographers. As seen above, the prices of entry level cameras vary from around $150 up to $300. If you pay more than that, you should require quality or you have been scammed. Price and features correlate, but by making informed decisions you can get more for less.

Once you have your camera, you need to learn how to use it. This is where online photography courses become useful.

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