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Screen is a journal of film and television studies based at the John Logie Baird Centre at the University of Glasgow and published by Oxford University Press. It is co-edited by John Caughie, Alan Durant, Simon Frith, Sandra Kemp, Norman King, and Annette Kuhn.
Screen originated in the Society of Film Teachers’ journal, The Film Teacher in 1952. Soon after, SFT became the Society for Education in Film and Television and its journal changed its name to Screen Education. Screen Education evolved into Screen in 1969, although a separate journal titled Screen Education was also published.
During the 1970s, Screen was particularly influential in the nascent field of film studies. It published many articles that have become standards in the field—including Laura Mulvey’s seminal work, “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema” (1975). It is still highly regarded in academic circles.

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