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[7 Jun 2011 | No Comment | 1,419 supporters]
Mozilla introduce Webian shell

The software pretty much like Chrome OS but still in early development. It is OS within browser. It support Windows Linux and Mac OS. Same as Chrome OS, we believe the application is reside on the cloud while the interface using browser layer.
No need to reboot the pc to enter the OS. Just go to http://webian.org/ and install the software.

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[11 Jan 2008 | No Comment | 427 supporters]

Applied double tunneling layer to realize 100 gigabit density
TOKYO–Toshiba Corporation today announced that it has developed a new double tunneling layer technology applicable to future 10nm generation flash memories. This elemental technology opens the way for memory devices with densities of over 100 gigabits in the 10nm generation, which lies four generations ahead. The technology was today announced at the IEDM (International Electron Devices Meeting) held at Washington D.C., U.S.A. more