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Chrome was an American experimental rock group founded in San Francisco, California in 1976.
Chrome took part of their inspiration for their rough and sometimes chaotic music from punk pioneers like The Stooges. The sound of the group was often coarse and featured heavy elements of feedback and distortion. Their experiments in mixing synthesized noise with rock instrumentation have been cited as a forerunner of industrial rock music.
Chrome was formed in 1975 by Damon Edge (real name Thomas Wisse: drums, vocals, synths, production) and Gary Spain (bass and violin) in San Francisco. They recorded and released their first album, The Visitation, along with John Lambdin (guitar), Mike Low (guitar/vocal). After recording The Visitation, Edge sent the album to Warner Brothers to see if they wanted to release the album. A Warner Brothers A&R; representative told Edge that the album sounded like a messed up Doors album; to Damon Edge this was a compliment. The label did not release the album,…