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[22 Oct 2009 | No Comment | 592 supporters]
Windows 7 available today

Today Microsoft Corp. announced the worldwide availability of its new Windows 7 operating system. Windows 7 delivers on a simple premise: make it easier for people to do the things they want on a PC. The new operating system offers a streamlined user interface and significant new features that make everyday tasks easier and allow people to get the most out of computers of all styles and sizes.
“With Windows 7, there’s never been a better time to be a PC,” said Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. “Together with our partners, we’re …

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[14 Sep 2008 | No Comment | 707 supporters]

Almost since the beginning, Ubuntu critics have said that Ubuntu doesn’t give enough back to other Linux and open-source projects. Mark Shuttleworth says that’s about to change and he’s putting his millions where his mouth is.
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[3 Mar 2008 | No Comment | 668 supporters]

Digg-style sites continue to go vertical into specific niches and markets. And they can generate a lot of free targeted traffic if you use them and understand how they work.
As far as the original Digg itself, you can still do very well there IF you get to the front page, but it is now less and less likely the average person will ever see the front page since Digg has grown to be a behemoth website.
Without gaming their system, which more and more people are trying to do, you have …