Digg-style sites continue to go vertical into specific niches and markets. And they can generate a lot of free targeted traffic if you use them and understand how they work.

As far as the original Digg itself, you can still do very well there IF you get to the front page, but it is now less and less likely the average person will ever see the front page since Digg has grown to be a behemoth website.

Without gaming their system, which more and more people are trying to do, you have to rely more on luck than simply writing a good piece to get attention.

And don’t forget that you have to write in a category they provide, which effectively eliminates hundreds of topics and market niches.

Digg has added more categories, but they are anything but comprehensive and their readership is, at heart, still made up of geeks and technophiles.

So good luck getting your “Healthy Eating Habits of Highly Successful Women” piece on the front page of Digg.

Which is why so many people are starting niche-specific Digg-like sites which work in the same way but are targeted to a specific niche, like Digg was in the beginning.

For internet marketing related content, people are finding places like PlugIM.com and MarkTD.com are sending them more traffic than Digg ever has. (Including me.)

Mainly because many Digg users have a pretty strong hatred of marketing content and they have nothing more than a general “Business” category for people like us to publish in.

Which is why PlugIM and MarkTD along with a handful of other niche story sites are doing so well so fast.

If you publish in another niche, don’t worry. You will start seeing Digg-like sites popping up in all niches this year, if you haven’t already found one in your niche.

Just as article directories were only for marketing content in the beginning, so too are the new Digg sites.

It is only a matter of time before you can start seeing almost instant targeted traffic from a site like Digg in your niche.

So there are two things to pay attention to here:

1) You should consider building your own Digg for your niche and gaining all the traffic from the hundreds or thousands of writers and bloggers in that niche. There are lots of scripts popping up out there that do what you need.


2) You should look for “vertical” Diggs and publish there before you go to Digg itself because you will, most likely, get more traffic from verticals than the almighty Digg even though they are so darn BIG.

Jack Humphrey is the editor of The Friday Traffic Report at and has started a new Digg-style news site for internet marketing content.

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