While Digg.com may not be quite as heavily visited as sites like Myspace and Facebook, it provides an opportunity for any webmaster to generate free traffic and links to his or her website. First off, let me state that it is very possible to get thousands of hits in just one or two days using Digg. However, do not expect this rush of visitors to be overly profitable – at least not initially.

Digg users are almost all technically savvy, meaning they most likely will not click on your ads or purchase your products. That being said, if your website offers a truly unique or useful service, users from Digg (or anywhere else) will bookmark your site and return often. Recognize that the initial traffic generated through Digg.com will most often bring more costs (hosting & bandwidth) than it will revenue. Nevertheless, Digg.com can be a huge help to your marketing strategy.

Let’s start with the basics: Digg is free for anyone to use. You can submit as many pages from as many sites as you wish. Don’t get too greedy though, as Digg does ban accounts which only submit pages from one or two sites. Your best strategy is to submit pages from your sites, PLUS other interesting pages you find around the web. Use long, descriptive keywords in the title of your Digg entry and link it back directly to your site.

The benefits are as follows: Digg pages often get highly ranked in Google. When visitors find the pages you submitted, they can easily click through to your website. This gives you instant traffic – anywhere from a few visits per day to a few hundred. Secondly (and almost more importantly), having your website linked to in Digg pages helps Google index your site very quickly.

Last fall, one of my new websites got into Google 36 hours after I created it, and all I did was submit a couple pages to Digg. I was getting 100-150 targeted visits to this website everyday, right from the beginning, only because of Digg.

The method is simple – go to www.Digg.com and sign up. Submit pages to your website(s) and other interesting pages you find around the web. Whether your pages make it to Digg’s homepage or not, you will receive valuable benefits from using this free and effortless website.

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