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It there is one thing that you can be sure of, it is the fact that Facebook is definitely not just for college students any more. Originally created so that college students could share photos and interact with one another online in much the same way that other social networking sites work, business owners with an online presence are now beginning to see the beauty of business marketing with Facebook for their bottom line.

For example, a business that is marketing with Facebook is able to promote itself in several ways. One way is by advertising. With Facebook, you can do this by using both business ads and social ads. Another option for using Facebook as a marketing tool includes organizing and hosting all kinds of virtual events online. The ability to connect with others on Facebook is incredibly simple and powerful.

Additionally, a benefit of marketing with Facebook is the ability to use it and other social networking sites as a tool for getting backlinks to your business site. Everybody knows that you can’t beat having your business site seen in the top spots of the major search engines. You can link from within Facebook to your business site.

Getting links like these to your business site from other sites that are well respected by the search engines, (the way that Facebook is), gives your site search engine credibility. With Facebook’s huge traffic, its reputation with the search engines is undeniable. You can use this to your advantage by showing the search engines that you have “connections” within this incredibly popular site.

In addition to all of this, marketing with Facebook becomes easy because of the networking that you are ultimately able to do. By creating a presence, and even branding your identity in social sites like these, you are able to meet many others, form incredibly long lasting relationships and hopefully even create customers for life.

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