Have you heard people receiving tons of traffic from StumbleUpon?

There are a few factors you need to consider when you like to receive huge stumble traffic.

External Factor

1. Number of StumbleUpon members who thumbed up

You need as many users stumble and thumb up at your site. More thumb up means more popular and more people like you site and the chances your sites get stumble is higher.

2. Number of users in your network

Having more users in your network can also improve your popularity rating. That helps the stumble engine to rate you higher as well.

3. Number of StumbleUpon friends

Build more friends at stumbleupon. There are many people now requesting to be mutual friends because that will help them to be a power user. A power user can command a higher weightage when they thumb up at your site.

4. Number of Profile Reviews

Besides thumb up and friend, you need more reviews on your profile as well. Having more profile can also improve your popularity rating.

5. Types of Users

Type of users thumb up at your site can affect the amount of traffic to your site as well. Having more power user stumble or thumb up at your site can also bring more traffic to you.

Internal Factor

1. Improve your StumbleUpon profile

Thumb up more sites, give more review and having a wide range of friends can improve your personal profile as well. It shows that you are an active user and likewise StumbleUpon will reward you with traffic.

2. Have a more broad range tag

Having a broader range tag is more preferred than having specific tag. You can include a few specific tag but make sure you have broad tag in order to be pick up by the engine.

Finally, you have to experiment and try the technique to see which one works better for you. I wish you luck.

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