Apple has always been known for its revolutionary MacBooks, and this year, it has launched its newest line. The MacBook Air is breaking grounds for ultra portable laptops. MacBook Air’s engineering and design is extraordinary, weighing only 3.0 pounds! It is now the world’s thinnest laptop. Another wonderful feature of this notebook is its remote disc function, allowing the Air to remotely use optical drives from other systems as long as they are on the same network, it doesn’t matter if it is done on a PC or Mac. The Air has the same 1,280×800 resolution display offered by the standard 13-inch MacBook, but with thinner lid and brighter image.

You will be glad to know that the MacBook Air comes standard with 2GB of RAM. Though it is incredibly thin, the Air is surprisingly sturdy. Thanks to its aluminum chassis. Other features of MacBook Air include iSight camera and mic, and a LED-backlight display that automatically adjusts to the light in the room. The downside of this new release is that it only has one USB port, does not have built-in optical drives no firewall and no Ethernet.

You need to consider if the wafer-thin feature is a reasonable substitute for the complete package you could get from an average laptop or from the standard 13′ MACbook. Choosing this juicy device depends on your lifestyle and preference, for those whose occupation require multiple USB slots, full protection , they may have to think twice before being captivated by its beauty, yet for people who live in wifi spots, and does not need much wired connectivity they will surely find MACbook Air a worthwhile wonder.

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