Diablo III is one of the best online games that you can play for many hours. While you are playing the game you can find weapons, gold, mana, find health potions and increase your character by learning skills and spells while building strength and finding new weapons to fight anything that tries to attack you.

Diablo III starts 20 years following the events where Diablo II ends. The Worldstone, which Tyrael protected at the ending of Diablo II “Lord of Destruction”, has been destroyed, no longer shielding the world of Sanctuary from Heaven or even Hell.

Diablo has always been based on storyline, but now there will be class-based quests which will still include even more storyline. If you are like me I have been waiting for the longest time for this game to be released. Here are some helpful Diablo secrets that will help you destroy the competition and become a master at the game.

When stating the game be sure to understand where and what all the shortcuts do. Locating and understanding where to get potions and spells or even where to get your weapons repaired or replaced is always a good way to starting a new game.

I have also learned that understanding what all spells do and how to throw them at the right time is very important to game play. Diablo III has new characters such as the “Witch Doctor” that is similar to the Necromancer which raised the undead to fight with him. The good thing is they have their own weapons, skills and magic. The other new class is the “Wizard” which uses new tricks like Disintegration and Slow Time and uses basic magic skills.

During the game you will have to defeat new characters some which are basically like the ones from Diablo II. The “Dune Thresher” is like the sand maggot but more dangerous. These creatures will pop out of the ground and attack you. The “Gnarled Walkers” are like walking trees that will follow you.

Remember when you saved “Deckard Cain” in Diablo II? Well now he has a journal that has information about what really happened in Diablo and Diablo II. The book is interactive and all you do to turn the page is click the bottom corner of the book.

I believe this is one of the greatest games that was ever made it has so much to offer such as world maps such as “New Tristam” and “Caldeum”. The game also includes dungeons like the “Tristam Cathedral”.

Blizzard informed me that the game must be played online. If you do not have an internet connection “You” will not be able to play the game. Unfortunately you can’t play offline like you could with Diablo II.

This book will help you understand Diablo better so you don’t get killed or left in the dark. One thing I like about this book is you will know how to develop yourself better so when you get in a rough situation you wont be killed as easy. I believe if you need the inside scoop on being a better Diablo player then this is the book for you.

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