how about a mobile phone device that has a built in TV tuner and 16 GB of internal memory? This is what you get if you purchase a Nokia N96, available to purchase in quarter 3 of 2008. Nokia looks set to dominate the mobile phone market for another year as it takes advantages of economies of scale, producing great handsets that undercut its competitors on price and style.

The Nokia N96 is the only phone (at the time of writing) to come with a digital tuner inbuilt. This is a remarkable step forward in the world of mobile phone handsets and we think that it is a good one considering most people want to watch TV when they are on the bus or train. It is has been warmly received by gadget lovers all over the world and could be more popular than the iphone when it is finally released later this year.

The Nokia N96 will come with a 5 megapixel camera. We are slightly disappointed with this as there is no improvement on the original Nokia N95in this respect. The film capture rate of 30 frames per second should help to improve the video quality however. Nokia claim that it will be DVD like video quality, but this remains to be seen, we are forever hopeful though.


If music is your thing in a mobile phone then you will be glad to hear that the N96 will have a separate 3.5mm jack so that you can insert your own headphones. Many Nokia handsets of old, used to require you to use the earphones provided which were not of a very high quality, so this is a welcome relief for many people. If you are looking for a mobile phone that takes pictures and video and will play mp3’s then you should certainly consider the Nokia N96, lots of other people will be.

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