For you to make much more than a few miserable cents from Adsense, you will need to find plenty of content for your blog. This is actually quite a challenge because even if as a blogger you have enough writing skills, it is unlikely that on your own you will be able to produce enough content quickly enough to make an impact on your Adsense blog earnings. So the big nagging question is, where do you find content for your Adsense blog?

There are actually quite a number of sources where one can find plenty of valuable content for their Adsense blog.

Find Content For Your Adsense Blog From Your Visitors

It is possible to source plenty of content from the readers and visitors to your blog. All you need to do is to actively find ways and means to motivate them to provide this content. You could hold a competition with prizes for the best content supplied. Or you could provoke people to comment by making controversial posts. These are but two examples of ideas that you can use to seek and find plenty of content for your Adsense blog. Creativity is the key to success in everything.

Find Content For Your Adsense Blog From Article Directories

You can also find plenty of Adsense blog content in article directories. To avoid being penalized for duplicate content, all you need to do is to create a brief introduction summarizing the contents and then link to the article. Remember to use keywords in your post that will attract the highest click value Adsense ads.

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