Online backup is an automated solution that allows PCs, laptops and file servers to backup and recover data securely online, share files, collaborate with co-workers, store files online, and access data from a remote location. Our service automatically backs up computers via a secure internet connection to our secure data centres. Your data is secured with military-grade encryption (128-bit) for safe transmission to our off-site storage locations.
How does online backup work?
A small software agent is installed on the PC or file server to be backed up. This software helps you select which data is to be backed up, it then manages the connection to the internet and the encryption / compression of the data prior to transferring it to the secure data centres. It provides a simple method to view and restore backed up documents, as well as viewing log files to review backup activity

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Scheduled or manual backup
Backups can be set for hassle-free daily backup or can be performed at any time with a single click.
Security is provided through secure-sockets connections to the data centres, 128-bit encryption and account passwords.
Efficient data transmission
Compression and block-level incremental backups ensure on-going backups are efficient and non-disruptive.
Anytime, anywhere access to restore data
Backed up data can be accessed via the software agent 24 hours a day or via a web browser when travelling away from the office.
CD restore option
CD’s can be ordered containing a copy of the software agent, as well as all backed up data in case of complete PC / disk loss or for archiving purposes.
File sharing
For those with multiple PCs, it is possible to grant sharing permissions to others. This is a secure process, which allows co-workers to share key documents, service providers to share key data with clients and tele-workers to access office and home data in a protected manner.
Who uses online backup?
Online Backup is used by businesses including lawyers, accountants, consulting organisations, finance intermediaries, manufacturers, schools and universities, retail organisations, distributors, not-for-profit and service organisations.
Businesses of all sizes with a broad band internet connection can benefit, ranging from independent workers, SOHO environments, branch offices, large enterprises, local and national government.
Some larger corporate users of online data backup include Cisco, Hewlett Packard, Visa and Symantec*. However, by far the biggest group of users is the thousands of smaller businesses and professionals throughout the UK. These may have a single PC / file server being backed up. Or they may have a several users in the company benefiting from its hassle-free reliability and speed of data recovery.
* Some larger users deploy the technology in-house using their own data centres.
What are the benefits of online backup?
It is often said that online backup is cheaper, faster and better than traditional backup solutions:
Cheaper –
· No capital outlay, payments on a monthly basis
· No set up fees nor license fees – just one fixed monthly payment
· Zero or very low running costs
· No internal/external staff time needed for backup or recovery
· No tape storage costs
Faster –
· Setup and installation is simple and complete within minutes of downloading the software
· Near instant recovery of data in case of need
· No need to wait to find the right tape nor waiting for the IT person to find the time to recover lost data
Better –
· Daily automated backup provides maximum protection and no hassle
· Multiple versions of files are backed up, ensuring fine-grain protection
· Instant recovery means less down-time and less lost productivity
· Anywhere web-access to backed up files for those that travel
· Works with file servers and individual PCs / Laptops
· World-class, secure technology and data centres
· Ability to share files with co-workers, clients or home PCs
If you are not currently backing up your data, then online backup is a perfect way to avoid the hassle of associated with any alternate solution. It can be set up within minutes and ensure that your own, your business and your client data is protected.
How long does a backup take?
Backup times will largely depend upon the amount of data you have to backup and the speed of the connection you have to the internet. Most business work successfully with a broad band connection of some form (ADSL, Cable) as it is ’always on’ allowing easy overnight backups. A dial-up modem type connection will work so long as the data volumes are not excessive (up to 1GB) and a fixed tariff ISP service is available so that you do not incur additional call charges whilst doing the backup.
In all cases the initial backup will take longer than subsequent backups, which are typically less than 5% of the original. This is because only changes are sent to the data centres and the data is efficiently compressed before sending. Users should not be concerned about the time taken for the initial backup, because the software ensures that the process is completed effectively even if the process is interrupted.

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