VERTEX3D, a new brand of AMD graphics card, today announces an advanced version of the next generation HD6850 graphics: the VTX3D HD6850 X Edition. The X series aims to deliver extreme gaming performance in the ultra quiet working environment with factory overclocked setting, and tackles the most demanding gamers and applications.

The HD6850 X Edition features superior factory overclocked ability, with core clocks at 800MHz and memory clocks at 1050MHz. Equipped with the most advanced GDDR5 memory, delivering faster and higher bandwidths, allows the ultimate gaming performance on the maximum setting. Gamers can easily tune their rig to its limitations.

The HD6850 X Edition also features ultra cooling performance. With a 92mm cooling fan and 2 pure core heat pipes, this efficient cooling solution can easily dissipate heat from cooper base, which fully covers the GPU, and cools down the temperature efficiently.

The latest VTX3D HD6850 X Edition supports AMD Eyefinity Technology, enabling all gamers to expand their gaming views across up to 3 displays. Also, with the support of DirectX® 11 technology, gamers can get amazing HD gaming experience for the hottest and most demanding game titles. Furthermore, the HD6850 X Edition allows the fastest daily applications to maximize working and entertainment efficiency.

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