Here are some useful tips and tricks that many a top Adsense affiliate earners use to keep their monthly Adsense income high.

i) Top Adsense affiliate earners will always remember to make heir ads look as much a part of their site as possible. Text ads that look like just another text link on a site tend to score big in clicks while colorful, attractive banners that scream “Advertisement” will get the least response in terms of folks clicking on them. This is the sort of information that the top Adsense affiliate earner never forgets.

ii) The top Adsense affiliate earner will tend to concentrate on constantly building up their traffic as the most effective way of increasing their Adsense earnings.

iii) Yet another top Adsense affiliate earner trick is to place an image, photograph or illustration right next to their Adsense ad. This tends to attract attention to it and the result is always many more clicks than before. Some smart top Adsense affiliate earners kill two birds with one stone by placing an attractive banner ad that has a nice large photograph on it, right next to their Adsense ads.

iv) The other thing that top Adsense affiliate earners do is to carefully study the Adsense ads that are common at their site and then generate content that is closely related.

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