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XpressMusic is a brand name for a line of Nokia phones that are specially designed for music playback. All of Nokia’s XpressMusic come with expandable MicroSD memory slots, so these phones can also be used as MP3 players. The XpressMusic range of phones was launched to compete with the Walkman brand series of Sony Ericsson.
In September 2009, Nokia announced the X3-00 and X6. The new Xseries will replace the XpressMusic brand which has been applied to 5000 series models (except the first).
The 2006 lineup consists of just one phone, the 3250. It has a unique form factor where the bottom part containing the keypad twists, exposing the camera on the side, and dedicated music controls on the reverse. The twisting action activates different modes in the software – music player for when the music controls are facing the user, or the photo/video recorder when the camera is facing either forward or to the user.
In 2007 Nokia added the almost identical 5200 and 5300 sliders. They later added…