Tweak was an Alternative rock band from South Africa. Members of the band formed Crashcarburn after members parted ways in 2006 to pursue personal projects.
Tweak was formed in late 1998 by Garth Barnes, Mike Stott, and Chris Brink. With the money won from a Battle of the Bands contest in August 2000, they recorded their debut EP, Take Note, at a tiny single garage at B Sharp Studios in Boksburg with the help of a local producer, John Paul de Stefani. The EP was tracked, mixed and mastered in just under 14 hours. This was the first time samples were experimented with, such as the sonar sample in the intro to One Night. The Long Road was the defining song on the EP, and was written after a friend of Garth had tried to commit suicide and dealt with what might have led someone to resort to making such a decision and the ‘Long Road’ to recovery that follows such an attempt.
The band struggled for about a year without a permanent drummer. It took almost another year of on-off recording…