Tuas is largely an industrial zone located in the western part of Singapore. The Tuas Planning Area is located within the West Region, and is bounded by Tengeh Reservoir to the north, Strait of Johor to the west, Straits of Singapore to the south, and the Pan Island Expressway to the east.
It is bounded by Tuas Road, Pioneer Road, Tuas Cresent, Tuas West Drive and Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim.
The Malaysia-Singapore Second Link that links Singapore and Malaysia is located at Tuas.
Tuas is derived from a daytime fishing method uncommon these days. The coastal Malays floated coconut fronds and leafy branches kept close together by the rising tide. A large net was then spread and suspended below. The shade provided drew in the fish. More and more were attracted until, at a given signal, the net was hauled up by the Malay fishermen in the boats. Levering or hauling up is menuas, which became tuas. Tuas also means “to chop in two pieces”, “to raise by leverage”, and “to support”.
The Tuas area in…