Tag: Swindle

Swindle is the name given to several different fictional characters in the Transformers universes.
Swindle originally appeared as a member of a group of five Decepticons known as the Combaticons who were able to combine together to form a larger robot known as Bruticus. As a basic sized combiner limb, Swindle could become the arm or leg to any similar combiner Transformers; he was usually found to be the right leg of Bruticus.
Whereas other Decepticons were motivated by lust for power or sheer love of carnage, Swindle’s sole motivation was turning a profit. With the born personality of a salesman, Swindle would sell anyone anything – be they weapons, parts or bits of his own comrades. Swindle is also the brightest among his fellow Combaticons (and the Decepticons as well), describing himself as a “one-robot black market”, Swindle would even sell his goods to the Autobots if he thought he could get away with it.
The Combaticons first U.S. appearance in issue 24 of the U.S. Marvel…