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[3 Dec 2010 | No Comment | 1,131 supporters]
WikiLeaks asked to shutdown after DDOS attack

The domain name registrar for WikiLeaks.org, EveryDNS.net is shutting down the domain name after DDOS attack that effect 500,000 other sites managed by them. The origin of the attack is yet unknown but the site can still be access via IP which is
WikiLeaks is a non-profit media organization dedicated to bringing important news and information to the public while keeping the identity of sources to be anonymous.

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[23 Nov 2010 | No Comment | 875 supporters]
Opera 11 introducing tab stacking

Tabbed browsing, one of the essential features in all browsers, has evolved yet again thanks to its long-time pioneer. Opera 11 beta introduces tab stacking, a better way to organize your open tabs. Traditionally, tabs were opened side-by-side, but now people using Opera can stack their tabs, grouping them by site or by theme. Tab stacking reduces clutter and makes it easier to identify and work with sets of open tabs.
It is easy to stack tabs. Simply drag one tab on top of another. Hovering the mouse over a tab …

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[19 May 2010 | No Comment | 1,148 supporters]
Small Business Web Site Design For Tough Economic Times

Without question, the Internet has been an amazing phenomenon. Latest figures from research company Nielsen On-line show well over nine million on-line searches in one month in the US alone. In the US, nearly 75% of people use the Internet, an increase of over 130% in eight years. In Australia it’s 60%, an increase of 172%.
A lot of those people are searching for products and services. As money gets tighter, people naturally look to getting the best deal. The Internet is simply perfect …