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Robin Rimbaud (born in 1964 in Southfields, London) is an electronic musician who works under the name Scanner due to his use of cell phone and police scanners in live performance. He is also a member of the band Githead with Wire’s Colin Newman and Malka Spigel and Max Franken from Minimal Compact.
Rimbaud is also a writer and media critic, multi-media artist and record producer. He borrowed his stage name from the device he used in his early recordings, picking up indeterminate radio and mobile phone signals in the airwaves and using them as an instrument in his compositions.
Growing up, Scanner was interested in avant garde literature, cinema and music. When he was a teenager his family was bereaved when his father was killed in a motorcycle accident. He attended Kingston University in Surrey, earning a degree in Modern Arts (BA). There, he formed a musical project The Rimbaud Brothers with fellow student Tony Rimbaud, releasing cassette editions in the early 1980s, later becoming…

Important WordPress 2.8.5 release

This is a very important release because it include some improvement from DDOS attack via trackback. As you know over the past couple of months we have been working on…

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