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Qt Extended (named Qtopia before September 30, 2008) is an application platform for embedded Linux-based mobile computing devices such as personal digital assistants, video projectors and mobile phones. It was developed by Qt Software, a subsidiary of Nokia.
Qt Extended features:
Qt Extended is dual licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) and proprietary licenses.
As of 2006, Qtopia was running on several million devices, including 11 mobile phone models and 30 other handheld devices.
Models included the Sharp Corporation Zaurus line of Linux handhelds, the Sony mylo, the Archos Portable Media Assistant (PMA430) (a multimedia device), the Gamepark Holdings GP2X, Greenphone (an open phone initiative), Pocket PC, FIC Openmoko phones: Neo 1973 and FreeRunner. An unofficial hack allows its use on the Archos wifi series of portable media players (PMP) 604, 605, 705, and also on several Motorola phones such as E2, Z6 and A1200. The U980 of ZTE is the last phone running it….