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Pictures is the third album by British-Georgian jazz and blues singer Katie Melua, and was released on October 1, 2007. It was released in the USA on May 5, 2009, with a different album cover.
The iTunes release includes a bonus track, “Under the Cherry Moon”.
The Japanese release also contains extra tracks, “When You Taught Me How to Dance” and “Closest Thing to Crazy (acoustic version)”.
In the USA, the Target store release had four extra live tracks:
On September 2, 2007, iTunes began selling Pictures in many of its locations, including the UK and Australian stores in error, a month before its official release date. Initially, it was unclear if it was in error. However, moderators on Melua’s forums had deleted any posts relating to the discussion of the release, and the “tell a friend” link on the UK iTunes Store stated the album would be available on September 29, suggesting that it should not have been available. Melua’s official website also made no mention of an early iTunes…

California ‘UFO’ Pictures Create Online Buzz

Could the quiet seaside town of Capitola end up challenging Roswell, N.M., as the country’s capital for extraterrestrials? The city 90 minutes south of San Francisco is getting national attention…

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