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[23 Feb 2009 | No Comment | 1,499 supporters]

Sony Ericsson unveils latest panels for Xperia™ X1 offering further opportunities for consumers to personalise the device with the content they want most. The new panels add to those announced last week as part of the Sony Ericsson Content Awards, further enhancing the unique user experience of the Xperia™ X1 and offering yet more ways to customise their device.
Sony Ericsson today unveils four new panels for its Xperia™ X1 mobile phone. Available to download from mid-march March 2009, the latest panels enhance the unique user interface of the X1 that …

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[7 Nov 2008 | No Comment | 803 supporters]

Are you frustrating with Vista security measures that always annoy you with UAC popup? Did you feel you want trow away your PC when it do that even though you are an Administrator? Calm down. Frust no more. Just follow this steps.
Using msconfig.
1. At vista run menu, type “msconfig”
2. At the tools tab, scroll down until you find “Disable UAC”
3. Click on it and press launch.
4. A popup will appear wait untill it finished.
5. Reboot the pc.

Using Control panel.
1. Open User Accounts at control panel.
2. Click “Turn User Account Control …

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[7 Mar 2008 | No Comment | 490 supporters]

The size and position of the panel can now be configured, the visability of a number of options is now improved to make it easier to discover how Plasma works and what it provides. Farsi and Icelandic translations added, others improved. Numerous bugfixes and performance improvements. Several stability issues have been fixed.
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