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In computer graphics, a palette is either a given, finite set of colors for the management of digital images (that is, a color palette), or a small on-screen graphical element for choosing from a limited set of choices, not necessarily colors (such as a tools palette).
Depending on the context (an engineer’s technical specification, an advertisement, a programmers’ guide, an image file specification, a user’s manual, etc.) the term palette and related terms such as Web palette and RGB palette, for example, can have somewhat different meanings.
The following are some of the widely used meanings for color palette in computing:
Graphical user interface (GUI) systems use on-screen palettes, including:
The terms color palette, indexed color, and related terms have been used with various differences in meaning, as discussed below.
The RGB color model is today the most usual method to produce and encode colors; but colors in palettes may or may not be reproduced through red-green-blue…