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Openmoko is a project to create a family of open source mobile phones, including the hardware specification and the operating system. The project was sponsored by Openmoko Inc.
The first sub-project is Openmoko Linux, a Linux-based operating system designed for mobile phones, built using free software.
The second sub-project is developing hardware devices on which Openmoko Linux runs. The first device released was the Neo 1973, in 2007, which was followed up by the Neo FreeRunner on 25 June 2008. Unlike most other mobile phone platforms, these phones are designed to provide end users with the ability to modify the operating system and software stack. Other Openmoko-supported phones are also available.
On 2 April 2009, Openmoko canceled planned phones and will probably concentrate on other kinds of hardware, but will still support and sell the current Neo FreeRunner.
Project Openmoko was announced the 7th November 2006 by its founders First International Computer (FIC).
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Openmoko is a project which encompasses two related sub-projects, with the combined aim of creating a family of completely open…