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[10 Mar 2008 | No Comment | 761 supporters]

Over half of million people visited Malaysiakini on election night last Saturday as the results were announced.
The traffic was so high at 11pm, that the ‘Malaysiakini.com’ domain was blocked by the company in United States which hosts the website’s domain name.
“We were well prepared for the anticipated traffic despite that Malaysiakini was made free. We put in additional servers, stripped down our page to make it lighter and faster to download and we have six mirror sites …

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[22 Feb 2008 | No Comment | 1,621 supporters]

Refurbished or reconditioned laptops are forms of computer hardware packed in good condition, with good performance, advantages and portability with cheap and affordable pricing. Not to mention, warranty and technical support service is given by the vendors especially if the units are branded.
Vendors usually perform thorough tests and repairs on refurbished laptops before offered. Before released from the factory or quality control, each laptop should be cleaned and bundled with warranty. This is how a refurbished laptop is being prepared for its future buyers/users. Buying brand new and high-end laptops …

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[18 Feb 2008 | No Comment | 2,657 supporters]

Whether you are responsible for a small home-based business, or a large company with many departments and workgroups, there are continuous choices to be made on the procurement of office equipment. Not least amongst these, is the selection of the appropriate printer technology for your business needs? Here in outline are the various technologies and their appropriate environment.
Personal Ink-Jets
Useful for one individual or a workgroup with a minimal colour printing needs, a low-cost personal ink-jet will be the best choice. Personal inkjet printers offer a low initial cost, plus the …