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Moment is an American Jewish magazine. It publishes articles related to Jewish culture, lifestyle, politics, and religion. Moment is not affiliated with any Jewish organization or religious movement, and its articles and columnists represent a diverse range of political views.
Nobel Peace Prize-winner Elie Wiesel co-founded Moment with Leonard Fein in 1975, naming it for Der Moment, an independent Yiddish-language newspaper founded in Warsaw in 1910. Der Moment, one of the two most important Yiddish newspapers published in the city, appeared regularly until the eve of Yom Kippur, 1939, when the building housing the newspaper was destroyed by a German bomb. Upon founding Moment, Wiesel and Fein dubbed it “The New Magazine for America’s Jew.” In its premier issue Fein proudly declared that Moment would include diverse opinions “of no single ideological position, save of course, for a commitment to Jewish life.”
Moment’s editors have included Leonard Fein (1975–1987), Hershel Shanks …