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[12 Nov 2009 | No Comment | 1,149 supporters]
Increase Your Revenue Through Chitika

Way back when overture came up with pay per click advertising, a trend started. Lot of search engine companies introduced the PPC program. But they could not make it impressive. However Google with their adsense program get hold of the market. As their search engine was most popular, they captured the market quite easily. Based on the market response Yahoo launched their contextual advertising program. MSN will also be starting their program. Chitika developed on similar concept but their format is different which will make their program popular.
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[19 Oct 2008 | One Comment | 588 supporters]

There are a lot of interesting blogs out there focusing on FOSS and Linux development, even though most of them are news aggregators, some of them publishes original contents which is what I am most interested in.
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