chitikaWay back when overture came up with pay per click advertising, a trend started. Lot of search engine companies introduced the PPC program. But they could not make it impressive. However Google with their adsense program get hold of the market. As their search engine was most popular, they captured the market quite easily. Based on the market response Yahoo launched their contextual advertising program. MSN will also be starting their program. Chitika developed on similar concept but their format is different which will make their program popular.

The bloggers are quite happy with the Chitika program. They have given the unique spin by combining the tabbed structure, which gives the user facility to check the specification, review of the product, pricing and search option. Lot of bloggers are quite happy and promoting the program.

I applied the program and they approved it within 24 hours. Their response is quite fast.

Similarities between Chitika & Adsense

Both have contextual mode. The ads will be based on the content of the page. Both offer search options. The business model is advertising on the website on revenue sharing basis. The webmaster will get the money based on the no. of clicks. You can have different colors for background, border.

Difference between Chitika & Adsense

Chitika can work in non-contextual mode. In this mode, you can specify the keywords and ads will be displayed based on the keywords. Right now stats are updated once per day. But in case of google, you get real time stats. Google has smart pricing structure. Because of this, if you are low in search engine results, you will get few cents. However the top results sites will get much higher rate.

Results with Chitika

Many bloggers were able to get 30 – 50% higher returns with Chitika ads compared to Adsense. Some of the bloggers could literally double their revenue with Chitika. Again it depends on topic.

I think, it’s time to try Chitika on your website. However please check out Chitika tips to get the maximum returns.

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